The History of Moving Film Festival

In 2008, when I was recognized internationally as a filmmaker and had participated in many festivals and received awards, I decided to hold a workshop in my travels around the world for those with no access to film schools. I was organizing a small non-competitive festival with films I received from friends around the world.

These festivals were held alone without any sponsorship and sometimes in the backyard of a friend's house or in a small cinema. I lived as a gypsy and made movies, and my whole life was summed up in my backpack. A one-man  school with a festival that I would often show the films by my laptop.


In 2011, I founded ibaff festival with the same idea in the city of Murcia in southern Spain and was elected by the municipality of Murcia as the festival's president. The theme of the festival was travel and creation.

In 2012 I invited Abbas Kiarostami to Murcia and held a two-year workshop where I was his assistant and wrote a book about him. This moving film school was later held in Spain and Colombia together with Kiarostami and at the end of the workshop we had a small festival.

Past editions (non-competitive) of my festival were in Cuba, Spain, Iraq, Sudan, Malaysia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Peru. Tunisia, morocco and some part of Iran.

In 2015, I got separated from the ibaff festival, went on my own, made films, organized workshops and had my own little festival wherever possible.


In 2019, I decided to make this festival more formal and changed it from non-competitive to a competitive one. This is a Moving festival and it is held in different places all the time.

A small, warm and Independent festival.

 Mahmoud Reza Sani