by Mahmoud Reza Sani


'Siyamo' - Documentary featuring an Iranian searching for a black-haired girl he saw in a dream in post-Taliban Afghanistan.

"Siyamo", is the first Post-Taleban "road movie" shot in Afghanistan where filming was strictly forbidden. 


MAHMOUD REZA SANI / 24’ / 2006 / 

El cineasta va a Cuba con el propósito de hacer una película sobre Che Guevara. Intenta buscar a alguien que se parezca al Che para el papel. Pero en su lugar averigua nuevas cosas sobre el Che y la vida en la sociedad cubana.


The filmmaker goes to Cuba with the purpose of making a film about Che Guevara. He tries to find some one who looks like Che to play the role. But instead he finds new things about Che and life in Cuban society. 



Her Name is Cure


   Year: 2005·       Running Time: 28 minutes

·       Country: Iran

·       Director: Mahmoud Reza Sani


Documentary about a faith healer in Iran's desert wilderness. 


·      In the middle of Iran's desert wilderness, Abdolali Afshani, an elderly faith healer, ministers to the hopeless and desperate. As Mr. Afshani testifies in Mahmoud Reza Sani's short film, this power to heal was granted him by Zahra, the prophet Mohammed's daughter, whose name when spoken by the infirm appears to prompt an immediate, miraculous recovery. HER NAME IS CURE presents what purport to be a handful of such miracles in scenes which will remind viewers of Christian faith healers in America's recent past.