What if you could take a Master Class from a Master of Cinema? In a new book, Mah­moud Reza Sani takes us inside such a class. He allows us to sit in on the beginning days of a workshop taught by critically-acclaimed and award-winning direc­tor Abbas Kiarostami (Taste of Cherry, Cer­ti­fied Copy, Like Some­one in Love). In Feb­ru­ary 2012, Abbas Kiarostami trav­eled to Spain to receive the Ibn-Arabi tro­phy for a life­time of artistic achievements. It was decided at that time that he would hold a 10 day film maker workshop for 35 students who had traveled from all over the world in eager anticipation to attend this once in a lifetime event. We join Kiarostami in class as he con­verses with the stu­dents and author. We lis­ten as Kiarostami rem­i­nisces about some of his past expe­ri­ences and offers insight into his cin­e­matic style. We learn as he advises the stu­dents on how to shape their sto­ries and find their voice, not only in the world of film but also in their lives. The book also includes the fore­word ‘Lessons of Refusal’ writ­ten by famed French Screen­writer Jean-Claude Car­rière (Dis­creet Charm of the Bour­geoisie, Belle du Jour).

Find your focus. Whether you are just starting or already on your journey to becoming a filmmaker then this book is for you. It includes key lessons, tips and advice on all aspects of filming such as choosing a camera, developing a story and how to use your own unique experiences to realize your dreams. Take that first step today.

Peru, the legendary country in South America is well known by its Indian Incas. The Incas who considered themselves to be the children of the sun had an enormous civilization, covering the vast reaches of countries like Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. The city of Kosovo was considered to be the capital of the powerful and glorious Incas. Even after more than five centuries passed, the Incas have kept their traditions, culture, language and outfits which you will partly get familiar with in this photo collection taken at Cusco. It will be a delightful journey. The book of “the children of the sun”, is a collection of photos taken by an analog camera recorded on negatives and therefore displays natural and documented images of the Indian Inca’s life.

The book “A day in Havana” is an illustrative trip to today's Cuba. The photos published by Mahmoud in this full-color book takes us to the streets and neighborhoods of Havana. It doesn’t matter if you've traveled to Cuba or haven’t managed to do it. When you see these photos, you feel that you've spent a full day in Havana, the capital of Cuba, a country with Caribbean people. The documentary pictures in this collection will get you to know Havana and its people and bring you an unforgettable journey.

Lecciones Cinematograficas de Abbas Kiarostami
 ¿Qué si pudieras tomar una clase magis­tral de un mae­stro del cine? En su libro, "Lecciones Cinematográfcas de Abbas Kiarostami", Mahmoud Reza Sani nos lleva dentro de tal clase. Por medio de su libro nos permite participar de un taller impartido por el críticamente aclamado y premiado director Abbas Kiarostami (El Sabor de la cerezas, Copie Conforme, Like Some­one in Love). Estamos presentes durante una conversación con los estudiantes y el autor, Mahmoud Sani, mientras Kiarostami se refiere a sus recuerdos del pasado y a sus experiencias y nos ofrece una visión de su estilo cinematográfico. Aprendemos del director mientras aconseja a los estudiantes cómo conformar sus historias y cómo encon­trar una voz propia, tanto en el mundo del cine como en el que­hacer cotidiano. El libro incluye "El refugio de sus lecciones" en forma de prólogo, escrito por el estimado guionista francés Jean-Claude Carrière (Dis­creet Charm of the Bour­geoisie, Belle du Jour). "Obreros Trabajando" es un libro indispensable para estu­di­antes de cine, ciné­fi­los y para quien desee conocer sobre una de las figuras más enigmáticas del cine mundial.
 I had a visit to Barcelona/Spain along with Mr.Abbas Kiarostami in the winter of 2015. He was holding a ten-day workshop for about fifty students from all over the world. I was his assistant as several previous workshops and one of my duties was to help the students to make their films. The theme of the workshop was the sea and the beach. We used to walk several miles along the beach every day to enjoy the beauties and talk about life and cinema. He loved Barcelona’s beach very much. The sandy beach of Barcelona is enchanting and refreshing and full of pure subjects for film making and photography. I photographed this collection during the same ten-day workshop walking along side my master Mr.Kiarostami.