2019, 90 Min
Mahmoud Reza Sani
 Behrouz Neshan
Produced by:

     The story of this film is a new narrative of Kiarostami’s point of
view on life, his vision and worldview that Sani tried to portray
during four years of cinematic workshops held by Kiarostami in Spain
and Colombia.
     This film, unlike the usual films made about Kiarostami does not use
any of his archive movies and no one talks about him in front of the
camera, rather it is Sani’s camera which takes us with him unnoticed
to see his cinema, cinema that he liked, cinema for personal pleasure.
The director of the film has tried to make an independent piece of
work based on Kiarostami's approach to life. In the course of these four years, the film maker who witnessed the growth of the next generation of cinema by Kiarostami, tried his best
to portray pure images of his teaching style, as well as pure moments,
his preoccupations and the secrecy of this myth in the world cinema,
which has never been seen before in any movie.

   The filmmaker has tried to make a perfectly independent film with the
pivotal personality that reborn the modern cinema in the world.
In a new movie, Mahmoud Reza Sani takes us inside such a class. He allows us to sit in on the beginning days of a workshop taught by  Abbas Kiarostami. We join Kiarostami in class as he con­verses with the students and author. We listen as Kiarostami reminisces about some of his past expe­ri­ences and offers insight into his cinematic style. We learn as he advises the students on how to shape their sto­ries and find their voice, not only in the world of film but also in their lives. 
    In the film we will also witness Kiarostami’s restlessness for the future of
the cinema.