In this global world, which we live in now it, is more important than ever for everybody to be able to share their story. The art of filmmaking is a powerful communication tool that has the ability to reach across borders and bring people together. We all know creating a film can be an expensive undertaking. Film schools cost thousands of dollars to attend and aren’t easily available or accessible to the everyday person. The cost to mount a production can be even more. However, there are new inexpensive tools on can use to create a story such as your cellphone along with editing programs already built in your computer.
  The International Moving Film School (IMOFIS) is a mobile film school that comes to you and your community to teach you how to use what you already have and how to share your stories through the medium of film. You will learn how to write, shoot and edit your creation for the world to see.
    Please join us and contact me, so that we can start to work together and set up a workshop.
Let your voice be heard and your story be told.
Mahmoud Reza Sani
President of IMOFIS